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Chimney Crown

Many homeowners seldom give their chimney crowns a thought. These chimney crowns are simply roofs for the top of your chimney. The chimney crown on your chimney may not appear important from the ground, but it is critical in keeping your chimney sound and your house dry. When a chimney crown crumbles or cracks, water runs down behind the masonry facing, bypassing the flashing where the chimney meets the roof. The result is deterioration of the brick and masonry, and damage to the inside of your home.

A deteriorated chimney crown that is left unprotected will allow water to compromise the structural integrity of your chimney inside & out (from chimney leaks). You are then left with costly fireplace chimney repairs / brick chimney repairs. Occasional maintenance of the chimney exterior is critical to the safety and performance of your masonry chimney.

Chimney flashing must also be installed to stop any water. This flashing is the last line of defense in the war against water entering the brickwork. When installed properly, it prevents water from entering the interior of your chimney.

After the chimney crown has been repaired or replaced, a flexible waterproof sealant should be applied over the entire chimney crown. Applying sealent assures that .......

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